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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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Initial screen

 Each event can be performed if the tap of the furniture in the room is carried out.
 The initial value of coin is 100.

 In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved on the albumof iPhone with a Camera button.
 The purchase of a charged version can be performed from the Setting button of the next door of a Camera button.


Trash disposal

 If trash has fallen, please throw away into a trash can.
 The heart goes up.
 If a doll is stroked or changing clothes, an interior change, etc. are carried out, the heart will go up.


Food selection

 Food can be made to be eaten if the tap of the refrigerator is carried out.
 The heart goes up according to the amount of money.
 At the time of a full stomach, he cannot buy food.
 There is also food which changes with the worn stuffed-animal suit.


Game selection

 A mini game can be chosen if the tap of the television is carried out.
 The game which can be chosen if the heart goes up increases. (5 kinds)
 Please play a game and gain coin.
 Coin cannot be gained when a game is ended on the way.


Interior change

 Furniture to change when the tap of the desk is carried out can be chosen.


Interior change (Curtain selection)


Stuffed-animal suit change

 If the tap of the closet is carried out, it can dress with a stuffed-animal suit again.


Potted plant

 The bud of a flower can be planted if the tap of the flowerpot is carried out.
 It is the pleasure after blooming what flower blooms.
 If OFF is chosen, a plant will be removed from a flowerpot.


Setting screen

 In the case of a charged version, advertising ON/OFF can be performed.
 The purchase of a charged version can be performed.
 If a charged version is purchased, all the functions will become effective.


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