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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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Initial screen

 Only one fish lives at first.
 The initial value of coin is 500.
 A menu will be displayed if the tap of the MENU button is carried out.

 If a screen is touched, a fish will come together and a heart value will increase.
 A heart value of a main screen is a total heart value.


Menu display screen

・Food : Food can be given in 20 coin at any time. If food is given, a heart value will increase. A bellyful of a fish does not approach food.
・Fish : Refer to following.
・Aquarium : Refer to following.
・Treasure box : Refer to following.
・Camera : In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved on the album of iPhone.
・Settings : Refer to following.


画像NothingFish menu

 Let's buy a fish in coin.
 A fish to buy is chosen after choosing the list of fish.
 It can keep up to 6 fish.
 A fish becomes large gradually. (it will be the maximum in 21 days.)
 There are some secret fish which can be kept with a total heart value.
 When a fish is replaced, it will start on the 0th.


画像NothingAquarium menu

 The item in a tank can be replaced.
 Let's buy an item in coin and make it your aquarium.
 The ornament of the backs, such as a background, a sea bed, lighting, and a rock, and the ornament of this side, such as seaweed, can be changed.
 (In the case of a charged version, you can buy all the items.)


画像NothingAquarium menu
(Ornament change of seaweed etc.)

 An item is chosen after carrying out the tap of the number of an ornament to change.
 The item bought once can be chosen from the next even if there is no coin.
 The ornament can drag a number to right and left, and can be moved.


画像NothingTreasure box menu (Game)

 Let's open the treasure box which has fallen into a tank and gain coin.
 If a fish comes before a treasure box, a treasure box will open.
 If a clock is taken, the time limit will be extended for 10 seconds.
 Since a fish will come together if a screen is touched, let's guide a fish.
 Coin cannot be gained when a game is ended on the way.


画像NothingSettings menu

 ON/OFF of a sound can be performed.
 In the case of a charged version, advertising ON/OFF can be performed.
 The purchase of a charged version can be performed.


画像NothingFood is given

 If food is chosen, food will fall from the central upper part.

 The item of a charged version is used on this image screen.
 The aquarium different from the free version again can be enjoyed.


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