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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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Top screen

 A pet is chosen and breeding is begun.
 The pet which bred once can be rebred from the beginning.

 Setting : A Setting screen is displayed.

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Breeding screen

 If the heart increases, a pet will grow.
 The figure of the pet in the next growth stage changes by the rate of "Lovely" in the heart, "Cool", and "Naughty."

 Camera : In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved on the album of iPhone.
 In a Retina display, it can choose "Saves by high resolution", and "Saves with screen size".
 [ Saves by high resolution ]
  4-inch screen (640x1136px)
  3.5-inch screen (640x960px)
 [ Saves with screen size ]
  4-inch screen (320x568px)
  3.5-inch screen (320x480px)

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Breeding screen (Menu display)

 The menu which can be used according to a growth stage changes.
・Lighting (Heart : 0 - 499) : If light is applied, the heart will increase.
・Watering pot (Heart : 500 - 2999) : If water is poured, the heart will increase.
・Bacillus extermination (Heart : 0 -) : It is a mini game which carries out the tap of the appearing bacillus and eradicates it. A score is added to the heart.
・Energy acquisition (Heart : 0 -) : It is a mini game which carries out the tap of the energy from which it gets down, and gains it. A score is added to the heart.
・Present (Heart : 3000 -) : Let's carry out a tap, if a present appears on a screen. Accessories can be gained. The gained accessories are put on by the pet.
・Background (Heart : 0 -) : A background can be chosen.
・Stone (Heart : 500 -) : The stone put on the ground can be chosen.
・Rock etc. (Heart : 1000 -) : The rock of a background, etc. can be chosen.

 By the selected thing, the rate of "Lovely", "Cool", and "Naughty" changes.
 Even if it carries out the tap of the pet, the heart increases.

image Nothing

Lighting screen

 By the color of light, the rate of "Lovely", "Cool", and "Naughty" changes.
 The heart increases attaching a finger to lighting.

image Nothing

Bacillus extermination screen

 If a bacillus appears, please carry out a tap and eradicate a bacillus.
 A score is added to the heart.

image Nothing

Background screen

 According to the selected background, the rate of "Lovely", "Cool", and "Naughty" changes.

image Nothing

Setting screen

・ON/OFF of a sound.
・Advertising ON/OFF. (The function of a charged version.)
・The purchase of a charged version.
 If a charged version is purchased, all the functions will become effective.
 When there is a purchase track record of a charged version, restoration of a charged version can be performed.


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