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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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image Nothing

Initial screen

・Menu button : A menu is displayed.
・The switch of a case : If a switch is turned ON, a figure will move.
・Camera button : In the case of the charged version, an image can be saved to "Photos" of iPhone.
・Glass button : The glass of a case can be removed or attached.

 If the tap of the head of a boy's figure, arms, and the legs is carried out, respectively, a posture will change.

- About preservation of an image (Charged version) -
 In a Retina display, it can choose "Saves by high resolution", and "Saves with screen size".
 [ Saves by high resolution ]
  4-inch screen (640x1136px)
  3.5-inch screen (640x960px)
 [ Saves with screen size ]
  4-inch screen (320x568px)
  3.5-inch screen (320x480px)

image Nothing

Menu display screen

・Boy's figure
・Capsule machine (Red)
・Capsule machine (Gold)

Please refer to the following for details.

image Nothing

画像NothingDoll screen

 The part of a figure can be rearranged and it can be made an original figure.
 It can use, if a part is gained by a capsule machine.

image Nothing

画像NothingCircumference screen

 A setup of a background and a case can be performed.
 An item is set up using coin.
 A price is set to 0 and the item set up once can be set up at any time.

image Nothing

画像NothingCapsule machine (Red) screen

 The part of a doll or coin can be gained.
 If the tap of the knob is carried out, a capsule will come out.
 The appearing item is random.

image Nothing

画像NothingCapsule machine (Gold) screen

 The part which has not appeared can be gained using coin.

image Nothing

Capsule machine (Item appearance) screen

 If the tap of the "Return" button is carried out, it will return to a Capsule machine screen.

image Nothing

画像NothingSetting screen

・ON/OFF of a sound.
・Advertising ON/OFF.
 The function of a charged version.
・The purchase of a charged version.
 If a charged version is purchased, the function of a charged version can be used.
 When there is a purchase track record of a charged version, restoration of a charged version can be performed.

image Nothing

The example of creation of a figure.


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