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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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Initial screen

・Attendance : A low-speed line, a medium-speed line, and a high-speed line can be chosen.
・Selection of a sorting item : The item to sort out can be chosen from three kinds.
・Work record : A work record is opened.
・Environment : Please refer to the following.
・Worker rank : A worker rank is determined by the work record.

Please refer to the following for details.

image Nothing

Attendance screen

 It starts by a start button.

image Nothing

Attendance screen (In operation)

 Please drag the thing which has flowed on the conveyor belt and sort out in four baskets for every kind.
 A score will be subtracted if it makes a mistake.

image Nothing

Work record screen

 Record of the coin acquisition value for every line, a best score, accuracy, etc., etc. can see.

image Nothing

Environment screen

 An ON/OFF setup of a sound can be performed.
 With the number of possession of coin, a mechanical color can be changed or wallpaper can be gained.
 There is also wallpaper which can be gained if a worker rank is set to "S."

 Wallpaper is saved on the album of iPhone.
 The size of a picture turns into size united with the device.
 [ In the case of a Retina display ]
  4-inch screen (640x1136px)
  3.5-inch screen (640x960px)
 [ In the case of others ]
  3.5-inch screen (320x480px)

image Nothing

Worker rank judging standard.


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