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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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Initial screen

・Menu : A menu is displayed.

image Nothing

Menu display screen


Please refer to the following for details.

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Food/Toy selection screen

 Please give food and a toy and please a panda.
 A heart level goes up.
 You can buy food and a toy in coin.
 A toy can be used at any time, if you buy it once.

image Nothing

After food selection screen

 If food and a toy are chosen, the selected thing will be placed on a screen.
 If the food and the toy on a screen are dragged before a panda, a panda will receive.

image Nothing

After dragging a toy screen

 A panda plays with the given toy.

image Nothing

Game selection screen

 There are 5 kinds of mini games.
 The game which can be performed with a heart level increases.
 Let's gain coin in a game.

image Nothing

Game (The 1st game) screen

 Let's find the panda of the posture which is different only as for one animal.
 It starts with the Start button.

image Nothing

Background selection screen

 A setup of a background can be performed.
 You can buy a background in coin.
 The background bought once can be set up at any time.
 If a background is changed, a heart level will go up.

image Nothing

Object selection screen

 The got object can be placed.
 Let's carry out a tap, if a mole appears with a present. An object can be got.
 If an object is changed, a heart level will go up.
 If a heart level becomes 500 or more, a mole will come to appear.
 If a heart level goes up, the appearance ratio of a mole will also increase.

image Nothing

Setting screen

・ON/OFF of a sound.
・Advertising ON/OFF. (The function of a charged version.)
・The purchase of a charged version.
 If a charged version is purchased, all the functions will become effective.
 When there is a purchase track record of a charged version, restoration of a charged version can be performed.

image Nothing

Wallpaper screen

 In the case of a charged version, wallpaper can be saved on the album of iPhone with a heart level.
 The size of wallpaper turns into size according to a device.
 [ In the case of a Retina display ]
  4-inch screen : 640x1136px
  3.5-inch screen : 640x960px
 [ When it is not a Retina display ]


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