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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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MENU screen

 Three functions (games) can be chosen.

 ON/OFF of a sound can be changed.
 (When iPhone is in silence mode, sound does not come out.)

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PUMP screen

 A touch of the handle of an pump will swell a balloon.
 A touch of the AUTO button will swell a balloon automatically.
 It is an end when a balloon is burst.
 The size of the balloon can be changed. (Medium -> Large -> Small)

〜 It uses for a party game etc. 〜
 ・It is defeat, when air is put in in order and a balloon is burst.
 ・It answers, before it uses AUTO and a balloon is burst.

image Nothing

PUMP screen

 (A balloon with the Large size is being inflated.)

image Nothing

LOT screen

 If a balloon is touched, a balloon will burst.
 It is a hit when HIT comes out.
 Change of the number of balloons and the number of hits can be performed.

image Nothing

PopPop screen

 A touch of the START button will raise balloons from the bottom.
 Into the time limit, please touch balloons anyhow and burst balloons.


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