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TOP iPhoneアプリ 3DCG画像 イラスト 壁紙

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image Nothing

Initial screen

・Menu button : A menu is displayed.

image Nothing

Menu display screen

・My Chara
・Visitor List

Please refer to the following for details.

image Nothing

My Chara screen

 The color of skin, eyes, a mouth, and a hairstyle can be set up.

image Nothing

Closet screen

 Please choose dress and carry out dress-up.
 If you buy dress at a shop, dress will go into a closet.
 It's possible to change the color of the dress.
 It can also be set as the charged color pattern in case of the Charged version.

image Nothing

Interior screen

 The interior of the room can be changed.

image Nothing

Present screen

 A present can be put on the room.
 A present can be got, if it works and the visitor's heart value becomes the maximum.

image Nothing

Shop screen

 Please buy dress in coin.

image Nothing

Work screen

 Let's coordinate the visitor's dress and get coin.
 If the tap of the OK button is carried out, it will become a selection screen of dress.

image Nothing

Work (Dress selection) screen

 Let's choose the dress which is likely to suit the place which goes.

image Nothing

Work (Result) screen

 The visitor is pleased and it can get coin in condition.
 Moreover, the visitor's heart value also increases.

image Nothing

Visitor List screen

 The visitor's data is displayed.
 If the heart value of my character increases, the appearing visitors will also increase in number.

image Nothing

Photo screen

 In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved in the Photos of iPhone.
 The background which can be chosen increases with a heart value.
 A motion of my character is stopped when you like, and it can be photoed.

- About preservation of an image (Charged version) -
 In a Retina display, it can choose "Saves by high resolution", and "Saves with screen size".
 [ Saves by high resolution ]
  5.5-inch screen (1242x2208px)
  4.7-inch screen (750x1334px)
  4-inch screen (640x1136px)
  3.5-inch screen (640x960px)
 [ Saves with screen size ]
  5.5-inch screen (414x736px)
  4.7-inch screen (375x667px)
  4-inch screen (320x568px)
  3.5-inch screen (320x480px)

image Nothing

Setting screen

・ON/OFF of a sound.
・Advertising ON/OFF. (The function of a charged version.)
・The purchase of a charged version.
 If a charged version is purchased, all the functions will become effective.
 When there is a purchase track record of a charged version, restoration of a charged version can be performed.


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